Nestled between the white beaches and clear waters of False Bay and the rolling green hills of the Cape Winelands lies the small South African town of Somerset West. This is the home of Auntie Clara’s Handcrafted Cosmetics, a family owned business established in 2008 making luxurious handcrafted soap from high quality ingredients.

All our soaps are made with care and expertise, start to finish, here on our premises. We make soap in small batches and we make our soap from scratch because we prefer to have full control over what goes into our product – and because we love the special ‘magic’ in the process of formulating and making mild and gentle soap from wonderful ingredients.

Soap is our passion. We are passionate about formulating, designing, making and presenting soap that is conditioning and skin-loving, smells good, feels great and looks beautiful. We believe our soap is and does all of those things and we would love to share it with you!

Please be our guest, browse through our pictures and stories and let us give you a glimpse into the wonderful world of handcrafted soap.

With love and soap,