Blue Dervish by Auntie Clara's


Welcome to Auntie Clara’s Handcrafted Cosmetics!

We’re a small, family owned and operated enterprise making luxurious handcrafted soap in small batches.
Please browse our site and let your eyes rest on some of the finest, most beautiful artisan soap you can find  – all proudly handmade in Somerset West, South Africa.




Latest From Auntie Clara's Blog:

Seasonal Soap

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Cape Town is suffering from a catastrophic lack of water. The winter rains are coming to an end and the relentlessly dry, hot, beautiful summer season is upon us. For several years the... READ MORE

Mäntysuopa – Finnish Pine Soap

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To Finns nothing spells out ’C L E A N’ more clearly than the natural pine wood smell of mäntysuopa, Finnish pine soap. It’s the smell of long, lazy childhood summers, saunas, lakes,... READ MORE

Agateware Soap

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At age five I was the uncrowned queen of modelling clay. I don’t think I had any remarkable sculpting skills, but I loved the stuff. Since it would keep me entertained for hours,... READ MORE

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